Week 1 – Classmate Conversaion – Bryanna Duckwitz


     Bryanna Duckwtiz (http://bryannaduckwitz.wordpress.com) is a freshman at Cal State Long Beach who is looking to soak in all the great experiences and wisdom that college has to offer. She is currently studying Pre-Athletic Training and has already taken a class under that sector in high school. Bry has a passion for dance, hip-hop more specifically, that has already grounded her into the world of art and it’s many different sects. I for one don’t dance for sport, but I understand why she does it express herself and give her all doing what she loves. 

     Bry is down to earth and loves to talk as I found out by conversing with her for just the short amount of time that we did. She wanted to take Art 110 to get a look into the whole spectrum of art as a whole and to embrace her artistic individuality through the different projects. Dance is just one of the many forms of art that Bry enjoys. Photography, sculpting, ceramics, and painting have intrigued Bry enough for her to want to take the Art 110 class. 

     Bry is shown in the picture above next to her favorite piece of art at the GLAMFA exhibit. The piece entitled, “Hannah Montana Swag” intrigued her the most because it was the most realistic to our present culture. People tend to “worship” Hollywood’s icons and are forgetting the natural beauty of art that used to be recognized on a large platform. Bry sees this piece reminding our culture of how we are glorifying the wrong things and wasting our time listening to music that doesn’t inspire, watching movies that teach us bad morals, and look up to people that corrupt the youth. This piece is exactly why Bry is so interested in studying more art, because it sends an emotional and cognitive message that changes one’s point of view.

     From talking to Bry I learned a few things on my own about this particular piece of art and about a few others that I didn’t think about. Sharing our ideas with each other about the different art really showed me the beauty of talking to someone else with an open mind and artistic point of view. Bry sounds like a very intelligent and self-spoken person who I’m sure will be a very good student through her tenure at CSULB. I’m glad I spoke to Bry and hopefully we can discuss more art with each other in future endeavors.


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