Week 2 – Classmate Conversation – Alonzo Urita

photo 3

Classmate’s Website: http://alonzourita.com/

This is Alonzo Urita, a friend who I met at Info Night for fraternities the other night. Both of us are interested in joining fraternities to gain access to life long friendships, connections to future employers, and become leaders in a world in need of leadership. It was a great surprise when I saw Alonzo walk up to the class and realize he was in this class with me all along. Its funny how connections are made with people which then result in friendships. Alonzo is currently undeclared but is pursuing an engineering degree. This allows him to have a good idea of his future, but also allows him to have a back up plan. Alonzo is from Downey so he commutes to campus and is currently taking 12 units to get into the groove of things in school.

     Alonzo played two years of volleyball in high school which got him involved entirely in a form of art put into action. He decided to take Art 110, because he was captivated by the appeal of discovering new forms of art and wanted to be creatively inspired by the class’ lessons. Alonzo considers art to be a form of expression that only each person themselves can interpret. So far he has enjoyed his college experience and has relatively easy professors who put the content of the class as the main priority rather than rigorous work. College overall has been an important and great transition into adulthood for Alonzo. Although, he doesn’t dorm on campus he still has made many friends and has felt the dramatic change in his life become all too real. I’m sure he and I will be good friends from here on out.


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