Week 2 – GLAMFA Artist – Maria Rendon

photo 2photo 1

Here is the artist’s website: http://www.mariarendon.net/

     This piece of art by Maria Rendon caught my eye when I was looking through the gallery as a piece of anguish. My initial thoughts about this art was that it portrays a heart that has been corrupted and infected by some sort of disastrous cause. Being called, “Hybrid” I think that it shows that the usage of experiments on animals and even humans can be destructive as messing with God’s creations can harm them by trying to create what is unreal. Creating hybrids in nature seems like the opposite of what nature itself is supposed to do. To me, I see this piece illustrating the very destruction manipulating nature and creatures does to the world. The disfigured shapes and colors in the piece is what makes me believe the organ looking shape is infected or diseased.

     After looking up the artist I discovered that she makes her art about what “is” in today’s reality and manipulates shapes and images in her art to create a different picture for each person who ponders her work. She gives materials an alternate meaning and purpose to distort each person’s perception of her work. This gives the idea of every person being able to perceive he misconceptions into an image of their own. The artist herself has an idea of what her piece is set out to be, but to me and my theory of what it means is true. I studied the art and perceived it to be what my mind conceived. That’s what art is all about, so I think Maria Rendon achieves what she sets out to accomplish with her piece, “Hybrid.”


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