Week 2 – Relational Aesthetics

photo 2photo 1

     This week’s art project is very interesting when it comes to other people and their individual perspective on art and life. The beauty of art to me is the very essence of individuality and creativity that each person puts forth in creating art or expressing themselves. Instagram is one popular way of expressing oneself with pictures that give others a look into someone’s life. I find it so interesting to see the similarities and differences between myself and others. That’s essentially the goal of this project and idea of creating a mindset that everyone has their own perception of art and their own mindset about life and it’s beautiful to share that with others.

     From looking through everyone’s pictures on the art110f14 hashtag I found that everyone is pretty similar to each other. Obviously we all go to Cal State Long Beach and are college students but there’s much more to that then what initially is considered. It seems that we all revolve each day with a certain pattern that keeps similarities so acute from person to person. I saw many pictures of students eating which is obviously portraying an everyday meal that we all do somewhat unconsciously. However, even though we all eat food usually we all eat different food. Essentially you won’t see any two people eating the same exact meal with the same exact beverage. This shows that even with the continuity of a daily event such as eating which everyone partakes in, we all are individuals who are different in many ways. I saw many people with friends and hanging out. This showed me that we all want to be surrounded by people who can give you some sort of emotion or comfort whether you’re sad, mad, bored, happy, etc. We all as humans crave to be apart of a group or have people to talk to and it’s clear that we enjoy our friends and showing others that we actually have fun friends. 

    Another thing I noticed amongst the Instagram pictures was the fact that a lot of people like to take pictures of themselves. Popularly deemed, “selfies,” people love to show others how good they look on social media to gain a confidence boost or show their newest outfit amongst other things. Everyone’s selfies illustrate their individual image and personality. This shows me how people are intrinsically different and how everyone has a sense of self when it comes to their individual perception of life and themselves. We all are common and face the same trends day to day, but overall it’s each individual themselves that separates each person to be more than just a face in a mirror.


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