Week 3 – Classmate Conversation – Frank Mai



     This is my newest friend at CSULB, Frank Mai. He is currently a Junior at Long Beach State and is commuting from Westminster here to campus. Frank came into college as a Biology major but has since changed his studies to focus on computer science. Currently, he has classes from Monday to Thursday and several happen to be night classes. Frank has enjoyed the college experience and has learned a myriad of things since his studies began. He has played basketball and badminton for extracurricular activities and focuses on improving determination and endurance from athletics.

     Although, Frank is taking Art 110 because it’s a general education requirement, overall Frank is truly interested in art and how it can be so subjective. Frank looks at art and only appreciates that which connects to him personally and emotionally. Some art looks confusing and might mean nothing to someone, so Frank is looking forward to discovering the art that he understands and appeals to him overall. He considers what makes a particular piece unique or not even an afterthought. Frank and I are very similar in that we both think art is something to be fully appreciated when acknowledged through our understanding and emotions.

     Frank Mai is a cool guy who I’m sure will be a future friend in Art 110 and can discover new art that appeals to us both during the weeks of this semester at CSULB.


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