Week 3 – Artist – Christopher Vavrek

photo 4photo 5photo 3

Initially this piece gave me a sort of haunting sensation as it’s vast concoction of disposed materials created a scene of filth. Personally, I’ve never experienced art such as this where a whole building is one art exhibit and set up with diligent time to create a visual, feeling, and whole experience. Christopher Vavrek’s piece is beautifully tragic and is composed of many elements that bring forth a theme of destruction and theological ideas about technology and waste.

Vavrek using components of “discarded materials, abandoned technology, electronic waste…” illustrates how consumerism and the obsession with mass technology has greatly affected our culture and modern day era. We consume more and more products but it really is never enough for us. The newest I-Phone comes out and we “need” to buy it, so we just discard our previous phone. What this piece is doing for me is proving how what we consider old products and technology to be nothing but waste and it piles up in dump yards and in basements. All this technology is usually still useful and helpful, but we write it off as useless once media and technology advances.

Vavrek says that he identifies with the unwanted machines and materials and the perception of how we see these products is based on how the media acknowledges them. It is very important to me to consider each product’s value before just disposing of it. Some people in third world countries have nothing while we are privileged enough to have an abundance of technology and products that pile up in our very own constructed waste. I take my hat off to Christopher Vavrek for his creative vision and careful time in constructing the junk yard of technology and one time valued materials and products.


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