Week 4 – Artist Conversation – Maccabee Shelley


     Out of all the artists that I have seen all of their work, Maccabee Shelley’s art is one exhibition that I truly found inspiring and compelling. Maccabee’s use of ceramics puts together a 3D look on contemporary art and gives it a sense of bending reality with shapes and substances to create a theme/message. Maccabee’s message in most of his art is “Fragility can be a measure of time.” He also commented that his art can illustrate the reality of how easily things can break and go away. This goes back to how fragile time is and how our lives are also measured with time. One second and our lives can be taken away from us. This is the very reason Maccabee utilizes ceramic materials and glass to construct his art.

     Maccabee said that he uses different pieces to be utilized in a different kind of function all in all. His art, “looks beautiful and you want to touch it, but it will break and it will or can break you.” To me this shows how his art is a clear illustration of fragility and how easy things that look amazing and invincible to our eyes can be destroyed. Maccabee also claims how you can mold glass into any shape you want but it also takes its own shape. We are so use to materials being used in Maccabee’s art that when they are used in an artistic way, they look foreign. The glass in the first picture looks like coral or something you would see at the bottom of the ocean. Not only is it really beautiful, but the inspiration and purpose of it that Maccabee explained to us makes it so much more meaningful and easier to enjoy.

     Overall, I’m glad I got to hear Maccabee speak about his art and tell us his message in each of his pieces. Life is fragile just as glass is, and it’s a good illustration to see just how our lives can break by comparing it to glass molded together.


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