Week 4 – Classmate Conversation – Bowas Yang



    I met Bowas Yang while looking at this piece in the art gallery Thursday trying to discover the meaning of the art altogether. Bowas is also a Freshman at CSULB and is currently commuting to campus from the Orange County area. Bowas is pursuing a major in film and has four classes including one film class to help with his journey to be a film major. Bowas has not joined any clubs yet but is considering becoming a member of the Film club to help him get more up to speed with all things film.

     Film is just one art form that Bowas is deeply invested in and truly wants to be apart of in its creation and distribution. He also ponders on other types of art such as sculptures, mixed media, and paintings to see what message or creativity comes out of these pieces. As Bowas and I looked at “Collab 2” he commented that it looks chaotic and has no real organization in the way it was constructed. He said media is used in showing that media itself is disorganized. Although, it seemingly portrays the dark side of media, overall Bowas still claims that the piece gave him a warm feeling despite it being chaotic.

     Talking to Bowas further, we shared our ideas on art and what we enjoyed looking at and what we felt about it. Bowas stated that art is complicated and it’s gotten to a point where classical art isn’t appreciated anymore. I had an overall good conversation with Bowas and learned a new perspective in the way I look at art in the future. Bowas is a very cool person!


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