Week 4 – Sculpture Activity


This was a very fun experience that actually was the highlight of my Thursday overall. My friends from art and I went down to Long Beach City beach after class on Thursday and gathered the supplies and some snacks in order to create our plaster sculptures. Not only did I learn how to make my left foot a sculpture, but the process was seemingly simple and I got to be at the beach with my friends in the meantime. The plaster we got was more than enough for the five of us and we even got to make a few other hands plaster sculptures.

I decided to make my foot a sculpture because I wanted it to be bigger than just a hand. Overall, it turned out pretty good but I wish you could see the definition of my toes more. I’m excited to try this project again and show some other friends how to create their body part out of sand and plaster. This project has been my favorite one so far and I hope to get to do more hands on projects as the semester goes on. I learned that anything can be made out of art even your foot with just sand as the base of the entire project. This experience is one that makes me love art and friendships and going to the beach and loving life.


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