Week 5 – Artist Conversation – Mike Lewis



  I looked at these pictures of the exhibit entitled “Broken Container” and saw how nature can turn into something quite the opposite of its purpose. Not only do these pictures portray trash and filth filling up woods and the environment but it speaks to me to show how much we care less as humans about the environment. To me this exhibit is creating the realization of a world that no longer keeps nature’s preservation as a top priority. Dirty sleeping bags left in the woods, trash, and other objects are just left to rot in nature like the woods and the beach. I felt a sense of guilt for not considering just how much of these areas are ruined with trash and that they are so close they are to our cities and homes. We need to do better about taking care of the environment.

Mike Lewis explained how this specific area he took these pictures of is a landscape between buildings and a hillside which acts as a buffer zone and the nature there is neglected. He states that the filth that ends up there is just left there to waste and and go away, however the area itself acts as a broken container and always holds this trash in place. Lewis explains that he called this project “Broken Container” because of all the broken containers he found in the woods. He said that art is like a conversation, and that his art tries to capture the conversation through the containers and things found in nature. He hopes that his work will hopefully cause people to converse about his theme and discuss his art further. Lewis creates a contrast between the unexpected and expected.

Lewis project really was dark and interesting to me. I found that nature can teach us many things about humanity and the way we deal with it tells us a lot about ourselves. It was really great to look at this art and think about human nature as a whole.


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