Week 5 – Counterfactual Identity – Parker Mandujano?


     Call me partner, or call me Ben. On Friday I decided I was going to be someone else than people usually see me. I decided I wanted to be a guy who came out out of the south or Norco because that’s a close location to me. My counter factual identity was Ben who likes to ride horses and heard cattle. As Ben I attempted to speak with a little twang to give authenticity to my persona, but my cowboy hat definitely helped sell the deal. I found quickly that people in Long Beach don’t usually see people wearing cowboy hats to go eat breakfast, but rather a baseball cap or anything else. People did glance and look at me as I was straight out of Texas. Being looked at isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially since I was aiming at gaining attention with my new persona. The few people I talked to such as Leo and Nolan who were in the dining hall took a liking to me as I was out of the ordinary and spoke a little weird. I feel as if the guys were fine with my company and took to look at someone who was much different than what they are used to from the Bay area. As Ben, I felt like I could not only speak sounding different, but say things that I usually don’t say. I did say ‘partner’ a couple times which made me feel almost embarrassed, but the guys didn’t mind.

     I kind of liked being Ben because I got to see not only what being a cowboy in a beach city was like, but seeing what a person simply different than me is like. I felt comfortable yet nervous when I confronted people. Even my Mom was confused when I walked in as Ben and acted like I was a long lost cousin. Although, it was fun and intriguing to be a cowboy named Ben ultimately I like who I am and who I am extremely comfortable to be. Parker is a far better name than Ben, and I prefer wearing normal clothes rather than a cowboy hat and belt everyday. This project was fun and I’m glad of the fact that I learned to be myself and what it’s like to be someone else, if even for just the day.


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