Week 6 – Drawing Activity – Parker Mandujano

IMG_7565 IMG_7566 IMG_7564 IMG_7563

     Shown above are the two selfies I attempted to draw and the two selfies of me that I received drawings back from. Clearly I wasn’t as good of an artist as the people who drew me, but I felt like I did my best. It amazes me how my drawings look completely different than the ones people drew for me, almost like they used a different app or a different pen. I enjoy seeing the difference in people’s creativity and how they see me. This activity is a good way not only to practice a classic art of drawing on new technology, but learning how people perceive others. Clearly, you can see that the top two drawings were in fact drawn by the same person (me). Also, the ones drawn of me you can clearly see how the artists were different people in the way their style is different.

     This activity was really fun and really interesting. I liked seeing my friends in Art 110 get drawn and see how they drew as well. I will recommend this app for others to try and see what interesting feedback they get. Art is best seen as a way to put out your creativity and individuality. This project displays both of these characteristics so I’m glad that this activity was assigned. I hope that the people who’s selfies I drew appreciate my efforts and see my artistic intake on phsyical features. That would be the best feedback I could get out of this activity which would give purpose to my drawing efforts.


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