Week 6 – Artist Conversation – Juan Martin


     Juan Martin and his collaborators, Isiah Ulloa and Angel G. Franco, created sculptures for their project entitled “Labyrinth”. They claim that they question the color, mass, shape, and form and gather all the information and contemplate it in a certain way. They also said that the “escape of ‘the common ways’ is something very intriguing that offers both fresh and innovative concepts.” It’s apparent to me that their sculptures are made to give the viewer an image of something that is created through a manifestation different than itself. The snow looking material made into a man is one part of the exhibit that made me think of a weary soul lost which relates to the cold feeling that being alone and lost feels. To me the sculpture of the deer is made of other shapes that to me reveals how life can be as simple as shapes and sizes that make life whole.

     The artists also explained how “geometry, like nature, offers an expansive world that can be multiplied, docked, and warped”. This gives me and impression that shapes are the very basic components of life and nature and they can be easily manipulated and combined to create inspiration, individuality, and creativity. I think what this piece does well is put the idea and illusion of shapes into full spectra as the beauty of the why they are constructed can be made to create and idea or scene of purpose and inspiration.


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