Week 6 – Classmate Conversation – Greg Violan



     Shown above is Greg Violan, a classmate of mine at CSULB in Art 110. I talked to Greg for about 10 minutes and learned a great deal about him. He came from the Philippines when he was nine years old and now lives in North Long Beach where he commutes to school. Firstly, I must say that it was cool to meet someone who moved to the United States from another country and see how different it is to them. Greg says he likes the United States better obviously and that he would back the U.S if we ever went to war with the Philippines. This is Greg’s second year of college and he is taking twelve units for this semester. Greg is currently studying computer science and is in one club called ACM which is for his intended major. Although, a computer science major has numerous tough classes and must be a very smart and intellectual student to achieve success with this major, Greg still finds time to enjoy his hobbies. His hobbies include playing basketball, going to the gym, and also kicking back and playing video games. Greg commented that he likes traditional art more so than any other, but he still finds the joy in contemporary art and portraits. I hope to see Greg more often in class so that I can discuss further art and other things with him.


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