Week 7 – Artist Convo- Maggie Freed & Yee li


Out of all the exhibits at the art galleries this week, “Introspection” by Maggie Freed and Yee Li was the one that was most intriguing and made me ponder a little of it’s meaning. This exhibit was all about introspection and looking at art with your own eyes to depict the art’s meaning for yourself and create what you’re looking at in your head. All these paintings are abstract and really make the viewer pick out a visual in it and see for themselves what they can find from the art. Introspection is the analysis and examination of one’s emotional and mental state of mind, thus this art exhibit stays true to its’ title. Two artists clashed their creativity and inspiration together to get a piece of art that will stand as being a declaration on a coarse for their artistic abilities from then on. Collaborating on abstract art can really create a sense of introspection that builds on as you continue your art.

Maggie Freed spoke to us about their art and made several interesting remarks concerning it all. Maggie claims that it took them almost eight hours each day to work on their art and it was more than one day they worked. The paint takes a really long time to dry and the colors would sludge together if rushed, so it would be best if the artists would not rush their process as Maggie claimed. Maggie stated that they attempted to create feelings of anxiety and process the mental state of relationships which can’t always be expressed through words. They had a laid back approach to this exhibit and wanted to face no rules in creating this abstract art. Really, all in all, this exhibit was the most interesting and made everyone think about it’s purpose and enjoy it’s beauty.


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