Week 7 – Classmate Conversation – Ricky Amenero



     This is my friend Ricky Amenero who I met in Art 110 during a day at the court yard. Ricky is very laid back and a cool person to talk to and be around. He currently is a freshman here at Cal State Long Beach and is undeclared. Although he is undeclared, he is considering pursuing a major in engineering or teaching. RIcky likes to play basketball, but has a real passion for running as he did track and field in high school. This is one sport he may pursue here at CSULB, or rather running in general.

     He does not live on campus as most freshman do however since he lives in Downey and commutes from there to CSULB. Ricky’s favorite art exhibit was the one set up as a cementary with candles and faces of fallen ones. He said it created a chilling feeling and a surreal atmosphere. He claims that he likes more modern art and that the art he can relate to has the most impaction on his thoughts and feelings. I can relate to Ricky in that sense about art, as I too enjoy art I can understand and feel connected with in a way. Although, he likes the art that he can relate to most of all, really he likes the idea of art and the way anything can be considered art to the person that deems it that.

     Overall, Ricky is a very good person who I’m looking forward to hanging out with more during my hours at Art 110.


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