WEEK 7 – Painting Activity – Parker


This activity allowed me to let my my artistic ability flow (at least the little I have in the tank). I wanted to go to the Venice Beach Art Walls to do this project, but unfortunately that didn’t work out with my other plans. However, I still had fun just painting my name at Sunset Beach which is connected to Huntington City. I’m not the best at making bubble letters, especially with spray paint, but I felt like I did a decent job of making it look like my name artistically. I made sure I covered my mouth so I wouldn’t breathe in the toxic paint into my lungs that are already deemed with asthma. I wasn’t exactly sure how far away to spray the paint at first, because I didn’t want it to look faded from being too far away but I also didn’t want it to be too close and have the paint sludge down. I found my technique and created a piece of art I should sell to anyone who is interested in buying a spray paint piece of the name Parker. This has become my new favorite art activity that we have done and I hope to do some more hands on activities such as this one. I’m excited to see what everyone else in Art 110’s art looks like and see how they painted their name. I just might take a stronger liking to spray painting after this project and might go live that lifestyle of creating crazy and purposeful art around the world.


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