Week 8 – Artist Convo – Kiyomi Fukui



     Death is a very important and dark thing to talk about, but it’s also very necessary to want to understand it’s ramifications for those still living. Kiyomi’s art makes the viewer contemplate on life and death and how they correlate with each other to make life continue on. This particular piece shown above shows a nice old fashioned desk covered in little white stones. To me it looks disorganized and shows how chaotic work and life can get that our area is so congested in our life. This piece is so simplistic yet that’s what makes it appeal more to me and probably other people as well. Kiyomi commented how she got her inspiration from watching a fatally injured bird slowly lose it’s life. This is why the artist utilizes ideas of death and life in her art and attempts to create a relation and connection between the two with her art each day. Kiyomi is trying to give back to the dead in a rather far out artistic way.

     I find Kiyomi’s inspiration for her art to be a smart and cunning approach to art as death is a very dramatic and sometimes artistic thing about life. The desk in the particular piece is made out of wood which comes from trees which are plants. If plants don’t have one of the fasted circulation of life then I don’t know what can top it. Trees are planted and grown, destroyed for lumber, and then more are replanted to keep life going. The desk is composed of wood which makes me look at it as being a plant and just another part of life that will drift away eventually to death. The chaotic nature of the desk as I commented before shows how life and be very destructive and death can come at a moment’s notice.

    This artist caught my eye right from the start and I’m glad I took the time to look at and ponder about Kiyomi’s art with some friends and consider what it means when thinking about life and death and art.


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