Week 8- Classmate Convo – Steven Lozano



     This past Thursday in the art galleries I ran into Steven Lozano who I thought would be good to interview for this week’s classmate conversation. We had a good conversation as we talked about our interest in art, movies, amusement parks, and even music. Steven is in his first year at Cal State Long Beach and is currently commuting from Whittier. He is taking twelve units this semester (the same as me) and so far has been having a fairly good time attending classes at “The Beach”. Steven commented that he wants to major in business and try to minor in art. He explained how he is really interested in street art and that is what inspires him and made him want to enroll in the art class. I’d say that the week 7 painting activity was probably his favorite so far.

     While art remains a large hobby for Steven, his dream of starting his own business selling hats, clothes, socks has been his main focus entering his adult years. He currently has a Kickstarter set up for his dream business called, “Black & White Industries”. His role model is Rob Dyrdrek who made his own business and has his own television shows. I am eager to see where Steven takes his dream of making his business and we’ll see where and how far he can go. Steven also told me how he likes alternative rock, jazz, and especially Daft Punk. His favorite movie is “Cars”.

     Steven is a very chill and cool person who I’m glad I ran into and had a good conversation with. Maybe I can buy a product from his clothing line one day.


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