Week 9- Artist Convo- Noura Kaddoura


Website: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/noura-kaddoura/56/b7a/b95

     Noura Kaddoura is an artist apart of the group, “Kingdom at Hand”. This group’s mission is to show the glory of God through their work. They explain how the Kingdom of God is throughout our lives in love, patience, peace, joy, etc. Each piece in the exhibit was each artist’s own experience of the Kingdom of God. This particular piece called, “The River & Tree of Life” caught my eye, because of it’s vibrant colors and the light on the cross. I saw many students in the art class taking pictures of this piece and think it was the most paid attention to.

   Not only did I find this painting to be beautiful and a perfect scenery of God’s glory, but the story and inspiration behind the piece made it awesome. Noura explained how this piece was painted during Christmas time for a friend who had breast cancer. It was to show how God always has a plan for everyone and there is hope behind the darkness of death. So, even if her friend passed away from breast cancer, she still had faith and hope in God’s promise for eternal life. The tree of life in the painting shows that beautiful scene of glory and eternal life. I think Noura and her group are doing a very courageous and faithful effort to share the word of God to people through art. There are expressing the “Kingdom of God” through each piece and being a Christian, I found comfort in that and love to see it. This was my favorite art gallery so far and this piece was my favorite from the “Kingdom of God”.


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