Week 9- Classmate Conversation- Justin Toguchi

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 7.21.11 PMhttp://justintoguchi.wordpress.com/

     This is Justin Toguchi and I taking a selfie in one of the galleries last Thursday during Art 110 class. Justin is currently a Junior at Cal State Long Beach which honestly took me by surprise. I can’t really tell a person’s year or age just by looking at them. Justin is a environmental science major and acts as an officer for the environmental science club here on campus as well. The reason I met Justin in Art 110 is because he is taking this class for his last general education credits for college. It goes to show that any class you’re in can have many different people in different areas of college. Him being a environmental science major, and myself an undeclared freshman shows the differences and similarities that college students can have in each class.

     Justin has been working at a reptile shop for over two years now and says that the shop hires frequently. He explained how he goes to parties with the reptiles and shows them to the party-goers and also gets to train the creatures. I have a big interest and love for animals so I thought that his job was very cool. We also chatted about my favorite animal (a koala) and I learned how they run and that they don’t have very good hygiene. Justin lives in Huntington right now and certainly likes being apart of CSULB and enjoys his job. I’m glad I got to meet Justin, because I got to have a rather fun and interesting conversation with him.

    I hope to see Justin around Art 110 more now so we can continue our conversations about animals and art.



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