Week 10- Artist Convo- Dana Fleming


     Dana Fleming’s art exhibits were really interesting and the way she constructed everything really made an impression on me. Fleming commented on h0w objects intrigue her and how they are surrounding us every day and make up everything. Each object has a specific function and can be used with amazing abilities, but when it’s not being used it’s just stagnant and occupying empty space. Her work is using these idle objects and putting them in a practice of objectifying objects. Since the objects used in the exhibit came from a thrift store, they were thrown away items that were put together to create art and show how items that decay to waste can become art. This specific piece is was a small coliseum made out of styrofoam and painted red to lay on a stand. I thought it was incredibly well crafted and utilized to show how art can be created out of seemingly anything, even things that are seen wasteful. This was my favorite out of Dana’s work but the others were very interesting as well. I’m glad that more people went into the gallery to see Dana’s art because the purpose and creativity behind it is what true art is. Art is when creativity and the use of simple life can create beautiful things. I hope to see more art like this in the galleries because I felt like I can create something from anything that can make others be inspired as well.


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