Week 10- Classmate Convo- Breanne Lee

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 7.21.24 PM                                http://breannelee.wordpress.com/
     Breanne Lee is a Sophomore at Cal State Long Beach who I met at the art galleries for Art 110. Breanne was nice and I had a good conversation with her. She is currently a fashion major and is taking art to continue her education for her major. She is out of Northern California and is currently living at an apartment not too far away from campus. One thing that was very interesting to me about Breanne is that she interns for a clothing boutique and works two days a week. She commented on how the clothes are more high end and it’s a rather nifty store. This made me curious about an internship that may open future job opportunities for me. Breanne was apart of club cheer and cheered in high school as a flyer. Her creative aspirations for fashion and cheer show that she is a very outgoing and a fun person to be around. I’m glad I got to speak with Breanne and hope I see her around Art 110 more.


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