Week 10- Photography Activity- “Death by Olaf”


     For this week’s activity I knew I could have fun with it. When I was informed we had to do a photo depicting our death I thought of a numerous ways I could portray my decease. In the end I figured the most comical way to die would be by the hands of the world’s most loveable snowman, Olaf. The $15 dollar stuffed creature was put to use so I could create a great death scene where Olaf has suffocated me with his ice. Olaf knows ice is the fastest way to murder someone who is so warm-blooded, so he knew he could take me out with style. This picture shows the fear and despair in my eyes and the frozen tundra that has become my lungs/mouth. Olaf’s face shows no mercy as he takes killing to a new level. Is this the way I want to die? Of course not. “Death by Olaf” is probably the least possible death scenario ever known. So the fact that Olaf decides to slaughter me is showing that I have wronged him so far. I will fear this scene coming to life in my nightmares for ages to come.


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