Week 11- Artist Convo- Wesley Hicks

IMG_7777 IMG_7780

     Wesley Hicks art exhibition in the gallery this week was very intriguing yet very confusing at the same time. Initially I walked in and was excited that the art was ceramics because ever since taking ceramics in high school I have enjoyed the art. The colors of the clay and plaster were very vibrant and made the ceramic art pop out. The reason why Wesleys exhibit confused me is because I couldn’t figure out what the purpose or theme of the art was. Wesley claims that his art has an underlying purpose and is presented in a way so that the object can be perceived as something that it isn’t. Wesley also states that his art is mirroring himself, which illustrates how art can project ones creativity and individually. The thing I liked about Wesleys art is that he says since he uses art of unknown origin, the way it’s presented and arranged gives the most context of the art. The cracks in the ceramics and imperfections are used to relate to humanity and how we can be deceived by art just because it’s not ideal or perfect. The different ideas of Wesleys art may be confusing but I’m glad that I looked at the gallery and got to ponder on the purpose and ideas that I wanted to understand.


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