Week 11- Classmate Convo- Savannah Cheung


I met Savannah even before class started at the art galleries. She greeted me and we decided to do our conversations for the week with each other. What started just as an assignment, turned into a friendly and interesting conversation. Savannah is an undeclared freshman at Cal State Long Beach who is currently dorming at Beachside. She commented on how dorming off campus isn’t that bad and it’s kind of an apartment feel to it. Right now Savannah is taking 15 units which is a big load and she does not have much time for clubs on campus as of right now. She wants to join theater and college beat next semester so she can get more involved and meet new people. Savannah is from Rosemead, California and did cross country in high school. She claimed how she is eager to work in interior design and likes to put her creativity and touch on it. When I asked her how she felt about Art 110, she said that she likes the class and it’s really chill, but it’s a little different than what she thought the class would be. The activities are different we both agreed on, but they are pretty interesting and fun. I had an overall good conversation with Savannah and hope I talk to her again sometime soon in Art 110. http://savannahcheung.com/


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