Week 11- Your Own Activity- Penny Art


I decided to make a picture using pennies commonly known as “Penny Art”. The inspiration came to me when I saw a jar of coins at my girlfriends house and I heard and seen art sculptures and pictures created using coins. I figured I could construct a picture with the coins and make something that I never would have thought of. After looking up pictures of ideas I decided that a ship would look pretty cool. I used the bronze pennies to assemble the ship and finished off the remainder of the picture using the silver coins as the water. Overall, I think the picture came out pretty good and the layers of coins I used to construct the image made the water look like waves and ship with compound structure. I’m glad I got to once again try something new and hope I can continue to do some form of art that I can enjoy and feel proud of in Art 110. I’m excited for next week so I get to show how to do a particular activity.


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