Extra Credit: Activity Feedback

1) My favorite activities of the semester had to be the Instagram week, Drawing week, and Painting week. Firstly, I love using Instagram and love taking pictures so it was fun being able to use my favorite picture taking app for Art 110 and show others my pictures. I liked the Drawing activity because it was challenging and fun to see how good I could draw someone using the app. I felt like I didn’t do to well though. Lastly, I enjoyed the Painting activity, because I have always wanted to spray paint my name somewhere and it was fun to do overall.

2) My least favorite activities of the semester were probably the V-Log activity, the Counter factual activity, and the Kickstarter activity. I didn’t really care to make a video log for my website, because I don’t feel like using it that much and I doubt others would really be interested in watching it. The counter factual identity was interesting, but really wasn’t that great. Lastly, the Kickstarter pitch was fun, but seemed a little like it was for a business class not an art class.

3) Overall, the class was fun and the activities were pretty interesting to do or try. Tuesdays can be pretty boring just sitting in the theater, but Thursdays at the art galleries or doing an activity were pretty fun.

4) I think the one thing that could make the class better would be to have less blog posts each week, because it can begin to get a little tiresome over and over again.


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