Week 12- Artist Convo- Timothy Cooper


     My favorite piece from last week’s gallery had to be Timothy Cooper’s “Something that means Something”, which seemingly looks like white plates making an ‘X’ or a ‘T’. These plates were hand thrown and created in almost identical proportions as they were all lined up almost synchronized. Cooper states that the project is meant to bear witness to the ability of multiple individuals to work together to create a positive aesthetic experience. I could not really make out what the “something” was when it came to what these ceramics were supposed to be but I saw them as bare plates that made a shape of something that could be viewed differently by different people. I love when shapes and objects are made to be used collectively to make up a bigger picture or object. These plates weren’t perfect, but rather chipped or scratched various places. It goes to show how not everything can be perfect but can end up being used together for a bigger and better picture. Timothy’s work was adored by everyone at the gallery and had people talking pictures of it the whole class hour. I’m glad I got to look at it and talk about it with my friends and Kathleen, who I met and interviewed.


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