Week 12- Teach One Activity- “How To Draw Mike Wazowski” by Parker Mandujano

For this week’s project I wanted to teach the only good thing I can possibly do. I’m not the most artistic person, so teaching how to draw my favorite character, Mike Wazowski (from Pixar’s Monsters Inc) is the best possible thing to do. I’ll document a step by step process of how to draw the loveable one-eyed creature now.

STEP 1: Firstly, start by drawing a circle shape for his body and put two lines to start his legs. But a 3D cross in the circle to get the dimensions of his eye right for the later step.


STEP 2: Next, create a darker shade around the body and take some lines out on the side for arms.


STEP 3: The third step is to draw his arms out of the open spots that you darkly shaded on his side.


Step 4: Draw his eye on the center of the 3D cross and add an eyelid. Also, make his mouth by making it half of a cylinder.


STEP 5: Add teeth in his mouth by squiggling lines. Put a tongue on him and make his pupil in the eye within a newly drawn circle.


STEP 6: Using the thin lines, make his legs and add his feet with little toe nails to finish him off.


LAST STEP: Finally, what I did was outline the entire drawing with a pen to make it pop more and look slicker. This is up to you to do, but it’s a good option!


And that’s how you draw the awesome cyclops creature who scares little kids! Mike Wazoski!


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