Week 13- Classmate Conversation- Abdul Algasim


     I met Abdul towards the end of my Art 110 class and had a great conversation with him about a numerous of things. Abdul is from Saudi Arabia and is a Freshman here at Cal State Long Beach. Abdul is 20 years old and came has only been in the United States since January of last year. He visited the states before he moved here and says he loves the United States and it’s been really awesome for him. He told me how he played soccer in high school and we talked about how the each of us played it and how most Americans he knows really doesn’t play soccer. Right now, Abdul lives in Long Beach and is not dorming although being a freshman. He is a pre-mechanical engineer major and commented on how those classes are pretty tough when considering things. He likes to swim, chill, and hiking in his free time. Abdul said that out of all the art he likes paintings and sketches. He’s not deeply infatuated with art but does like certain kinds. Abdul was fun to talk to and I’m glad I ran into him before the end of art class. I hope to see Abdul around art more before the end of the semester. He is a very chill and cool guy to talk to.


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