Week 15- Classmate Conversation- Kevin Cordova



I enjoyed talking to Kevin in the art galleries about numerous things. He is a freshman here at Cal State Long Beach and is currently pursuing a major in anthropology studies. He commented on how it’s pretty difficult so far but he is determined to accomplish his goals. Kevin doesn’t dorm on campus, but rather commutes from Lakewood which is not too far from the school. Right now Kevin is not in any clubs, but is looking for and wanting a job to earn some money. I talked to Kevin about his interests and he said he likes to write. Writing has always been one of my hobbies as I like to write stories set up to be screenplays for movies. He also likes classical music and composers over the traditional pop and rap music most people listen to these days. His favorite movie is Guardians of the Galaxy, which I too find to be awesome and funny. Overall, Kevin said that he enjoys cal state Long Beach and that its nice, beautiful, and quiet. I agree with him there and hope to be seeing Kevin more often around campus as we go on trying to graduate with an awesome college degree. I hope to talk to Kevin about movies more as we both have a passion for them and writing stories for them. Kevin is awesome!


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