Week 15- Artist Conversation- Hyeri Kim


     Kim’s art exhibit entitled, “His Extravagant Proposal,” was elegantly put together to display an ideal that is one to seriously contemplate about. Kim is relating the love between a man and a woman’s marriage with the love that is God. The promise that a man gives to his lover is seen as the same promise God gives to us, love unconditionally. Kim’s art attempts to compose these elements of love in her art by representing it with jewelry one might see at a wedding. The one piece of her exhibit I admired most was the ‘Vintage Wine: Necklace’ which was presented on a rather vintage and beautiful dress. At first I thought the dress was the art, until I looked at the paper detailing the art and saw the necklace. The necklace was very well designed and looked like the perfect piece that would present powerful and unconditional love. Delicate and elegant were the words that Kim used to describe her art and the way love that she was portraying is. I thought these words were perfect for the art that Kim created and represent the overall theme of the art Kim had in mind when putting together this exhibit. I loved Kim’s art and how it relates love between a man and a woman and the love of God. It truly is something special to look at and see the wonders that humans can do once they put their minds and hearts to something.


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